Mini mirror – the Roaming booth

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Bring the party to the guests

Our Mini Mirror is our only “mobile” mirror.  We will roam the area and engage your guests, right where they are.  You will be surprised at how many people will come back again and again.

Stills, gif & Boomerangs direct to social media

Twitter loves GIFs. Facebook recently became GIF friendly with the ability to post GIFs via links from other websites, and Instagram hasn’t been playing nice at all. That’s okay. We are equipped with the tools necessary to help your guests post their GIFs on all three of these social media outlets. So, let the Likes, Shares and Retweets commence!

Mini Mirror


Includes up to 2 hours of coverage, along with the following:

  • An experience you and your guests won’t forget.
  • Dedicated Photobooth Attendant to engage your guests directly
  • MMS (Text) share of photos.
  • Use of facial recognition to apply digital props.
  • Unlimited Sessions (No Prints).
  • Custom Picture Template

*Additional hours and options are available for an additional fee.