Oh my! He finally asked!! It’s been such a build up to this moment. Lots of what ifs and long conversations with your bestie wondering about the future and trying to not seem so desperate but wanting to know where he stands on your relationship, and let’s just be real…. men don’t really get all worked up about the “plans”. They simply just get a ring and ask a question…. then we plan!!!

Speaking of plans…. SO MANY PLANS!!! Plans for trying on dresses, tasting cakes, registering, looking at venues, tux rentals, tasting more cakes, wedding expos, trying on more dresses, looking at more venues, plans for marriage counseling (or not), plans to find the BEST wedding coordinator, planning out your honeymoon, plans to pay for your honeymoon, plans for wedding showers, planning who sits where at the reception, planning the reception, listening to bands to book, photographers, do you have any other entertainment!? Photo booth? Petting zoo? Live bands or a DJ?

So.👏Many. 👏Things. 👏To. 👏Plan. 👏

Feeling overwhelmed? Same. That’s where I come in! Here are 5 things to help you get started on the “plans”:

1. How — Prioritize and make sure that you sit down with your significant other and you get a chance to talk about the things that are the most important to you BOTH (remember it’s HIS wedding too). Talk about if his great grandmother’s china place settings are important for y’all to use at the reception or if her brothers garage band fits the ambiance of your ideal wedding reception. Make sure to be honest up front to alleviate any problems from the beginning. Set a budget! No one wants to have these awkward conversations but believe me, there will be more of these types of conversations in the future! Be realistic with each other, don’t hold back things that you want. Create a pros/cons list of things that y’all discuss and then prioritize.

2. When — SET THE DATE! You won’t be able to book the most amazing venue, make sure your favorite caterer is available, or get the BEST photographer until you lock down the date. Some things to remember are that it stays hot most of the year, mosquitoes are EVERYWHERE, don’t get me started about gnats so if an outside wedding is what you are wanting, plan it for the cooler months! Summertime is good for beach weddings or lakeside evening weddings with the perfect lighting creating the most glorious glow from your reception. Fall weddings are phenomenal with those deep reds and golden crisp leaves falling all around. Inside or outside makes no difference because the decor will always be fabulous. Spring! Spring is such an amazing time of the year! So many pastel colors. The flowers are in full bloom during this season so creating the perfect center pieces, floral arrangements and bridal bouquets won’t be a problem.

3. Where — Venues, Venues, Venues. This plays a crucial role in wedding planning! Some people say it’s all about the dress, some say it’s all about the venue. I say unless you make it your own, it’s just a building. Choosing a venue is a task that unless you know exactly what you want (and what your budget is) can seem overwhelming. Venues can be appealing, they draw you in with their perfectly placed plate settings, gold plated chairs, phenomenal floral arrangements, perfect lighting, lake side weddings and so many more defining pieces that make you want to choose that venue. I say, let’s take all the perfect things from each venue you visit and when you find “THE” venue, you make it your own. Don’t let this part of the planning process deplete you, even if you find the NOT so perfect but PERFECT venue that is just slightly above your budget, and you start rearranging things so you can “make it work” but it’s just adding stress to what is supposed to be fun.

4. What — This is the most fun part of the planning!! What do you want your wedding to look like? Color scheme, type of flowers, theme just to name a few. What do you want to do at your wedding!? Break glass plates, have your sorority sisters sing songs, do you want a choreographed dance for the newlyweds, or even a fun upbeat father/daughter dance? What about day of activities? Getting everyone together, getting the most experienced hair and make-up artist to create the look of your dreams, making sure that the photographer is taking snaps of your mom straightening your veil or the bridal squad toasting one last time to your future. What are the things that you want captured the most? What is the vision that comes to your mind when you think about your wedding? All those things fall here in the what section. Remember, you aren’t marrying yourself, so make sure to talk about your vision with your significant other and listen to their vision as well.

5. Who — this is crucial (and where I can help the most!)! Who do you want for: invitations, registries, Photography and or Videography, wedding planning and day of planning, officiant, florist, DJ, catering, photo booth, chocolate and/or cheese fountains and so many more decisions and things to be done? Of course, you are going to want to make sure that you invite all the people who have played a crucial role in both of your lives. The Who part of planning can get a little exhausting, so remember to breathe, lean on each other and don’t forget that this is a representation of the love that you both share.

No matter what, you and your partner need to stick together. Remember that you are the one getting married, you deserve to get all the things that you have imagined from the beginning of imagining your wedding. Make your wedding about your love. Tell your story. Share your successes. Show everyone who you both are as a couple.

Next Blog: A closer look at the “Who’s”.